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2016 Spring Conference Presentations

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
10:30 AM
Practical ADA Eligibility: Things You Didn’t Learn at Other Workshops
Marilyn Cole, Sean Powers
LCTOP A Year Later: Successful Applications & Project Ideas
Jila Priebe, Josh Pulverman, Amar Cid
Gaining Support for Local Tax Measures To Fund Transportation
Carl Sedoryk, H.E. Christian Peeples, Jared Boigon
Cost Effective Training Resources
Dave Stumpo, Keith Sheardown, Grant Hendrick, Rob Lynch
1:30 PM
Passenger Eligibility
Gracie Davis, Eric Haack, Dawn Sweet, Jonathan Cheng
Spinning Plates: The Art of Managing Subrecipients
Jamie Lewis, Danielle Kochman, Tiffani Fink, Meredith Morgenroth
Zero Bus Emission Infrastructure
Steve Clermont, Y. Ping Chu, Len Engel
Building A Website to Serve Rider Needs
Aaron Antrim
What Is New In Civil Rights Requirements
Dawn Sweet, Lynette Little
3:15 PM
Customer Focus: Mobility Management and The Impetus for Multimodal Partnerships in Transportation
Jennifer Dotson, Creighton Randall, Phil Baudin, Jon Martz
State of Good Repair: Asset Management
Kelly Shawn, Vince Brucas, Keyur Shah
Understanding the Uniform Report and Other CalTrans DBE Requirements
El Salcedo
Changes to Wheelchair Securement Safety Regulations
Darren Reaume
Rear Facing Wheelchair Securement Trends and Benefits
Don Eaton
Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
8:00 AM
Increasing Success and Credibility of Your Service Through End-User Involvement
W.C. Pihl, Joanna Jacobson, Ruby Horta, Dwight Sayer
Utilizing Transit Data to Enhance Transit Services
Joseph Holmes, Vincent Bruscas, Aaron Antrim, Jonny Simkin
Transit Outreach on a Shoe String Budget
Helen Dyda, Dennis Mochon, Sebastian Hernandez
ZEB Bus Technology Comparisons
Mac Burns, Zachary Kahn, Mark Fisher, Yesh Premkumar
9:45 AM
Ethics in the Workplace
Rob Lynch
How Will Autonomous Vehicles Affect Transit
Greg Larson, Christopher Hedden
Cutaway Bus Wiring Diagrams & Troubleshooting
Todd Long, John Ward, Grant Hendrick 1 & 2
Connecting Riders to Outdoor Recreation: Planning, Partnerships, and Publicity
John Helm, Will Garner, Ryan Branciforte
How to Find, Recruit, and Keep Talent in Your Agency
Peter Johnson, Margaret Roberts
Ricon Wheel Chair Lift Certification Training
Larry McNutt
Braun Wheelchair Lift Certification Training
Colton Walle
Drug & Alcohol: Substance Abuse Awareness for Employees
Sean Oswald
Paratransit Brokerages: Successes & Challenges
Alaina Macias, Arun Prem, Christie Scheffer
Thursday, March 31st, 2016
Partnering with TNC’s to Enhance Transportation Services in Your Community
Rich Weaver, Emily Castor, Jonathan Cheng, Amy Smith
Federal and State Programs Update
Leslie Rogers, Dan Raudenbaugh, Jila Priebe
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