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2019 CALACT Autumn Conference & Expo: Call for Presentations

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  • This Conference focuses on the fundamental aspects of transit operations and service delivery impacting CALACT members today. The topics that will be addressed at the conference are those identified by CALACT members in a survey that went out in late 2018. The purpose of this Conference is to discuss primary issues and concerns identified by our members; provide instruction on planning, management and regulatory fundamentals to transit professionals who are new to the field as well as updates to those who have been in the industry for some time; and present generally on the current challenges CALACT members are facing today.

    Route Topic Area Guide:

    • PEOPLE/PLANNING - Fundamentals of Transit Planning and Public Management. Examples: Route Planning, Coordination, Increasing Ridership, Employee Development, Recruitment, Retention, Human Resources
    • OPERATIONS - Fundamentals of Transit Operations. Examples: Procurement, Contract Management, DBE, Maintenance Topics.
    • EMERGING TOPICS - The latest developments in the transit field. Examples: Zero Emission Bus (ZEB), Mobility As A Service (MaaS), Mobility on Demand (MoD.)
    • INVESTMENT - Fundamentals of Transportation Funding. Examples: Funding, Financial Management, Grant Writing, Securing local funding, Available funding. 
    • GOVERNMENT - Transit Regulations 101. Examples: Primary Regulatory/Compliance areas for State/Federal regulations, Caltrans Compliance, ARB Compliance; State & Local ordinances; Advocacy
  • Please provide as descriptive a proposal as possible. Proposals missing proposed speakers and in-depth, thoughtful descriptions may be rejected due to ambiguity. The above examples of session topics are not inclusive; we welcome all technology-related session proposals in any type of session format (panel, presentation, demonstration, etc.)

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