CALACT | California Association for Coordinated Transportation

Representing Small, Rural, & Specialized Transportation Providers Statewide

Jun 20-28, 2017
Various Locations

Course Outline and Objectives:

Procurement Fundamentals

  • Types of Procurements
  • Basic Requirements
  • Understanding the Contractor Market
  • Getting Started – Developing your timeline

Developing Your RFP Package

  • Major Parts of RFP Document
  • Contract Elements
  • Federal Requirements
  • Key Elements in Scope of Work

Carrying Out a Management Procurement

  • Pre-Proposal Conference
  • Drafting and Issuing Addenda
  • Interviews
  • Proposal Evaluation and more

Resolving Procurement Problems

  • Establishing Proper Documentation & Securing Approvals
  • Single Proposals and Insufficient Competition
  • RFP Issues: Missing or Incorrect Data
  • Protests and Politics
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