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Jun 23, 2021
Jun 30, 2021

When asked, most individuals agree that any form of discrimination against individuals is wrong and unacceptable in any environment, especially in professional settings. Yet research tells us that minorities are routinely treated differently in hiring decisions, job evaluations and leadership positions. So how is it that people can agree that this practice of discrimination is wrong and yet it continues to be such a common problem in the workplace? The simple answer: most of us harbor unconscious biases that affect our judgement and behavior, and these behaviors and judgements are very pervasive, even though in most instances we are unaware of their existence. That is why uncovering unconscious, implicit biases is the first step in the process of eliminating them and making work environments more comfortable, productive, and less stressful spaces.

During this Transit Talks, held as two-part series, Dr. Sacha Joseph-Mathews will address the principles of unconscious bias in the workplace. Participants will be exposed to fundamental knowledge, tools, and resources to identify, address, and minimize unconscious bias in their various departments. Dr. Joseph-Mathews will demonstrate how differences in communication styles, leadership, and backgrounds, coupled with the impact of media and other societal influences, can lead to stereotypical profiles of co-workers and supervisory staff alike. Human beings often exercise over 150 different types of unconscious/implicit biases in their everyday lives and through a series of videos and real-world scenario modules, participants will be exposed to the myriad of ways that these biases can creep into our daily work experiences.

The first session will expose participants to the theoretical foundations explaining and defining what unconscious bias is and how it presents itself in the workplace. In the second class, participants will be exposed to how these biases can be addressed and what employees can do to decrease their individual biases and the effect of biases in the decision-making process throughout the organization.

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