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Simi Valley Short Range Transit Plan RFP

Please be advised: The City of Simi Valley, Department of Community Services/Transit Division, is requesting proposals pursuant to Specification No. CST 2016-05 for professional consultant services to assess and make recommendations regarding the City of Simi Valley Transit (SVT) Division’s: Fixed-Route and ADA/DAR systems, financial sustainability, fare structure, ridership, regional transportation, facilities, equipment, and communications. The consultant’s final report on this project will be utilized as a Comprehensive Five-Year Plan for the future of the City of Simi Valley’s Transit Division.

RFP document will be posted on the City of Simi Valley website on October 11, 2016. Interested bidders are encouraged to frequently check the City’s website, at the link below, from the date and time the RFP is issued up to and including the due date and time of the bid opening for any updates, additional information and/or addenda pertaining to this RFP.

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