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Cap and Trade Funding Allocation

Over the weekend, the California Legislature passedits 2014-15 FY Budget, including a legislation addressing funding allocationfrom Cap And Trade proceeds. We are happy to report that legislation includestransit funding:
à Formula funding for transit operations and capital investments;
à Providesfunding for low-emission transit vehicles
The plan also includes investments towards sustainable communities andlow-income housing.

While we’re grateful for the inclusion of funding transit projects, we’ve drafted the following memo(.doc) to be sent to Legislatorsfrom both the Senate and Assembly, addressing issues as outlined in the letter.The letter urges the Legislature to take action on issues that directly affect CalACT members; and we urge you to send the template letter(.doc) to your representative to ensure the issues are addressed. Please fill yourorganization information as noted in [brackets.] Please contact your representative as soon as possible as Cap and Trade legislation will be “cleaned up” in the legislature this week.

We would like to thank Steve Wallauch, policy advisor, and CalACT Chair Rick Ramacier, for their hard work and commitment to advocating for member interestsat the Legislature during this process.
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