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Transit Asset Management Targets Due Soon

The California Department of Transportation, Division of Rail and Mass Transit recently distributed the following letter. Please ensure you complete the training module to by December 15th, 2017 to complete accurate reporting requirements. Information on access to the module, as well as other important information is posted below.

DRMT would like to update our partners on our TAM efforts. We are announcing a TAM module in the BlackCAT system. This module was developed by Panther International to assist agencies with FTA’s TAM requirements. It can be accessed in the new “Performance Measures” tab on your organization page in BlackCat.

By now all Tier II (5311) providers should have completed the following:

1. The TAM Agency Accountable Executive should be identified in the BlackCat Electronic Grants Management (EGM) system . The Accountable Executive is the agency’s executive responsible for carrying out asset management practices in accordance with 49 U.S.C. 5326 Transit Asset Management.

2. Agency vehicle inventories should be uploaded into the EGM system. It is each agency’s responsibility to ensure all their vehicles are accurately reflected in EGM. If there are vehicles that have been disposed, then the agency will need to follow the disposal process to have them properly removed from the current inventory and archived within EGM.

3. Your Agencies Useful Life Benchmarks (ULBs) and Targets should be established for all vehicles, facilities, and other TAM required asset classes.

Transit Asset Management is an FTA rule. Compliance for this rule requires TAM data to be input and submitted into the NTD by DRMT for its 5311 (Tier II) subrecipients by January 1, 2018. Your Agency must complete this module by December 15, 2017 so that the State can meet federally mandated NTD reporting deadlines, which are displayed in the matrix below:


Due Date

Agency NTD Reporting for 2016


Performance Measures module for TAM available in BlackCat Grants


TAM Module/NTD TAM Reporting Training video for 2016 posted in BlackCat


Agency TAM Module ULB/Target Reporting


DRMT NTD Reporting for TAM


Agency & Local Group TAM Plans due to DRMT


DRMT Group TAM Plan due to DRMT


On October 26, 2016 the Caltrans Division of Rail and Mass Transportation (DRMT) sent out an instructional letter to prompt transit agencies to begin local discussions for their engagement in the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Transit Asset Management (TAM) Rule. DRMT sent a second letter on January 11, 2017 to further our expectations for this rule. These letters and the TAM resources identified in them can be found on our TAM website at:

Training will be provided by Panther International for this new TAM module through a training video. This video will be posted on the BlackCat Global Resources page shortly after the Thanksgiving Holiday (12/1/2017).

If you have any questions about this letter or FTA's new Transit Asset Management Program, please contact me at (916) 651-6116 or Brian Travis at (916) 654-9842.

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