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How to Use Social Media Effectively - Three One Hour Webinars

 How to Use Social Media Effectively

This series will have three one hour webinars on Feb.11, March 3 and March 31st at 10:30 AM. The three webinars will build on each other exploring different topics to have a full understanding of social media and its effectiveness.

Webinar 1: "Overview of How Social Media Works" on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PST at:

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 Overview of how social media works, appropriate messaging. What are the key dos and don’ts of social media as a transit agency? What is the purpose of maintaining social media accounts, and what value could it bring to you and your agency? This webinar will be a brief “Social Media Transit 101” class, intended for users who either don’t use social media at all, or haven’t in the past used it for business purposes. When the discussion is complete, you’ll know whether social media accounts are something your agency should have and whether you have the capacity for the project.

Webinar 2: "Building A Social Media Community" on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PST at:

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Building a social media community, gaining users. Now you have social media accounts, and you have a sense of what you’re trying to accomplish with them. How can your agency get more value from those accounts? We’ll cover beginning and intermediate topics that form the basics of how to establish your agency’s name on social media, how to start to get users--and how to get engagement from them. We’ll consider basic integrations into your website and the subtle differences between different social media platforms. When the discussion is complete, you’ll have ideas for a specific social media strategy that suits your agency’s needs.

Webinar 3: "Memes, Paid Advertising and Advanced Topics" on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM PDT at:

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What is a meme? What is a tag group? Why are there so many pictures of a MARTA bus covering various things up? How does advertising work on social media? How do I track the effectiveness of my posts and ads? How does this all tie into a broader online strategy? This webinar will set out the various questions that you need to ask if your agency is going to dedicate serious time or financial resources to social media. When this discussion is complete, you’ll know how to track and evaluate the effectiveness of your social media approach.

These courses are taught by Thomas Craig, Trillium Transit

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