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10:00 AM, Monday, April 24th
Preparing Your TAM Plan
Paul Sorenson
Kelly Shawn (.ppt)
Mshadoni Smith (.pdf)
Brian Travis (.ppt)

1:00 PM, Monday, April 25th
OMB's Super Circular: What This New Guidance Means for FTA Grantees
Rich Garrity (.pp)
    Supplemental Information (.ppt)

USDOT-FTA Drug & Alcohol Regulatory Overview
Sean Oswald

8:45 AM, Tuesday, April 25th
Keynote Address
Bill Roth

10:00 AM, Tuesday, April 25th
Customer Based Planning-A Case of Two Studies
Heather Menninger, Barlow, Chambers (.ppt) - Overview
     San Bernardino   Fresno

Coping with the Legalization of Marijuana Operations
Robbie Sarles

Providing Healthcare Transportation

Dennis Brooks
George Colangeli
Rich Garrity (.ppt)
Valerie Mackintosh (ppt)
Monica Morales
Eric Ziering (.ppt)

Zero Emission Bus Pilot Program
Yeshwanth Premkumar (.ppt)
Vincent Wiraatmadja
Tony Basil (.ppt)

1:30 PM, Tuesday, April 25th
Doing Business with The Cooperative
Joe Meer
Dan Mundy (.doc)

Embracing Millennials: Building Tomorrow’s Leadership Pipeline
Margaret Roberts (.pdf)
Peter Johnson

First Mile/Last Mile Innovative Projects
Marla Westervelt
Roger Teal (.pdf)
Cat Mette (.ppt)
Aaron Vogel (.ppt)

Understanding the Asset Management Regulations
Brian Travis (.ppt)
Kelly Shawn (.ppt)

3:00 PM, Tuesday, April 25th
Embracing Your Title VI Program
Heather Menninger
Valerie Mackintosh (.ppt)

Getting the Most Out of Your Pre & Post Delivery Audit Requirements
Brent Sumrall (.ppt)
Rick Streiff (.ppt)

Opening the Door to Multimodal Applications and Interoperable Data
Aaron Antrim (.ppt)
Emily Yasukochi
Sean Barbeau (.ppt)
Sam Daly (.pdf)
John Helm .(ppt)
Cliff Chambers (.ppt)

The Future is Now: Booking Trips Online
Gracie Davis & Michael L. Jackson (.ppt)
Curt Burlingame

4:30 PM, Tuesday, April 25th
Choices for Near Zero/Zero Emission Vehicles
Mark Fisher
Ryne Shetterly (.ppt)
Lee Wixom (ppt)
Chris Young
Kevin Cook
Yeshwanth Premkumar
Oscar Pardinas
Brendan Riley (.ppt)
Helou Tarek

How Do We Include TNC’s & Live Within Regulations
Paul Strobis (.ppt)
Wil Rodman (,ppt)
W.C. Pihl (.ppt)

The Future of Intercity Bus Services in California
Ronaldo Hu
Thomas Pogue (.ppt)

8:00 AM, Wednesday, April 26th
One Stop Shop: Mobility Management
Will Rodman (.ppt)
Gracie Davis (.pdf)
Marla Westervelt
Aaron Moore

Real Fleet Costs Today and Monitoring KPI’s
Robert Babbitt (.ppt)
    Supplemental Information (.doc)
Ron Zirges (.ppt)
Don Swain (.ppt)

When Procurements Go “South” – How to Prevent or Recover from Procurement Problems
Roy Glauthier .(ppt)
George Sparks

Stopping Human Trafficking on Your Buses
Kristen Joyner

9:40 AM, Wednesday April 26th
Shared Use Mobility Programs
Stephanie Ginter
Randall Creighton
Justin Holmes
Marla Westervelt

Electric Drive: Preparing for Zero Emission Bus
Richard Tree (.pdf)
Brendan Riley
Don Swain
State Programs Update on LCTOP & Statewide Strategic Plan
Jila Priebe
Juan Matute (.PPT)

Transit & The Future of Autonomous Vehicles
Joseph Holmes (link)
Tina Quigley

11:15 AM, Wednesday, April 26th
Designing Customer-focused Coordinated Demand Response Transportation Services in San Luis Obispo County
Todd Allen (.ppt)
Mark Schaffer
Omar McPherson

ITS Solutions for Transit
Rick Streiff
Greg Schafer
Alex Fay
Tim O’Leary
Cat Mette (.ppt)

Migrating to Mobile Ticketing
Sam Daly (.pdf)
Ed Park .pdf)
Greg Pratt (.ppt)

Working With Your 5310 Planning Program
Bruce Plowman
Jaime Carrington
Audrey Porcella (.ppt)
Sebastian Hernandez (.ppt)

9:00 AM, Thursday, April 27
Access Board Regulation Update
Douglas J. Cross (.ppt)

California Legislative Report & CARB Update
Steve Wallauch
Tony Brasil
LCTOP Program Update
Jila Priebe
Monica Palmeira (.ppt)
State Programs Update
Mark Codey

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