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2018 Transit Technology & Shared Mobility Conference Presentations

Napa, CA
More Presentations will be added as we receive them

Tuesday, November 13 – 10:00 AM

Art of Procuring Software

Will Rodman (.ppt)

Community App-Reach: Involving Your Riders in Application Development

Mike Wade

Adam Jensen

Chris McKenna

Brooks Almonte (.ppt)

Moving Toward Mobility as a Service

Krista Huhtala-Jenks (.ppt)

Aaron Antrim

Roger Teal

Tuesday, November 13- 12:45 PM

Tech Procurement 101: Building a Technology RFP

Thomas Craig (.ppt)

Valerie Gibson

Rex Clark

Preparing & Safeguarding Your Agency From Data Breaches & Break-Ins

Jacob King

Elvis Chan (.ppt)

Tech Tools for Increasing Safety

Rick  Streiff (.ppt) 

Marc Ellison

Michael St. Denis

Chris Shigley

Mocrotransit: Interagency Mobility on Demand Pilots & Projects Service

Alva Carrasco (.pdf)

Toan Tran

Yngve Westerlund

Tuesday, November 13 – 2:30 PM

Tech Procurement Best Practices: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Omar McPherson (.ppt)

Rick Ramacier

Mobility on Demand: Early Lessons Learned & Best Practices

Adam Cohen

Sally Goodman (.pdf)

Jumana Nabti

There’s an App for That: Mobile Ticketing

Greg Pratt (.ppt)

Sam Daly

Bryan Albee

Stephen Coyner (.pdf)

Coordinating Technology

Gail Bauhs

Joe Tovar (.ppt)

Mark Schaffer

Suzanne O’Neill (.ppt)

Tuesday, November 13 – 4:00 PM

Microtransit: Partnerships with TNC’s

Jonathan Steketee

Oliver Chi

Lauren Vasquez

Brittany Mello (.pdf)

Growing Transit Ridership Through Two Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Approaches in Urbanized & Rural San Bernardino County

Heather Menninger (pdf)

Selena Barlow (.pdf)

See the Signs: From Driver Messaging to Bus Stop Signage

Jeff Hunter (ppt,)

AJ Harper

Autonomous Vehicle Implementation

William Tsuei (.ppt)

Dick Alexander

Technology in Action: California Transit Innovation

Sean Tiedgen (.ppt)

Ron Profeta

Teague Kirkpatrick

Wednesday, November 14 – 8:00 AM

After You Sign: Implementing & Maintaining the Vendor-Agency Relationship

Sebastian Hernandez

Brian Garrett (.ppt)

Gail Bauhs

Joe Tovar

Jodi Curtis

How Analytic Reporting Can Influence Paratransit Service Planning

Will Rodman (.ppt)

Electrifying Data on the Bus

Joel Torr

Y.Ping Chu

Richard Tree (.ppt)

GTFS Infrastructure

Thomas Craig

Philip Paulson

Phillip Carleton (.ppt)

Wednesday, November 14 – 9:40 AM

Data-Driven Network Planning

Evan Siroky

Drew Dara-Abrams

Josie Kressner

Leslie Teage (.ppt)

Incorporating Flexible Demand Responsive Transit Services in Open Source Planning Tools

Paul Sorenson (.ppt)

All Hours Access: E-Booking & Banking

Gracie Davis

Richard Weiner

William Tsuei

Debbie McQuilkin (.ppt)

The Road to Sustainability with Today’s Hybrids & Plug-In Hybrids

David Breault (.pdf)

Jeremy Twomey (.pdf)

Wednesday, November 14 – 11:15 AM

Plenary I: Integrating Mobile Ticketing on a Statewide or Local Platform

Chris Tucker

Kyle Gradinger

Doug Thomas (.ppt)

Thursday, November 15 – 9:30 AM

Plenary II: The Future of Mobility

Charlie Dickson

Hendrick Opstelten (.pdf)

Kyle Gradinger

Mary Leary

Plenary III: Innovative Clean Transit

Fred Silver

Tony Brasil (.ppt)

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