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Representing Small, Rural, & Specialized Transportation Providers Statewide


Whistlestop - Call Center Manager

More info (.doc)

Whistlestop - Safety and Training Manager, Transportation

More Info (.doc)

Golden Gate Bridge - Supervising Scheduler & Data Analyst

More Info (.pdf)

Eureka Transit Service Line Study RFP

More Information (.pdf)

Sacramento Regional Transit - Director, Labor Relations

Supplemental Questionnaire

More Info (.pdf)

Supplemental Questionnaire More Info. (.pdf) 

Applicants can apply via Mail, Fax or in person to:

Sacramento Regional Transit District

Human Resources Dept.

2910 O Street, Sacramento, Ca  95816

Fax: 916-457-7194 

Sacramento Regional Transit - Senior Information Technology Business Systems Analyst - Fare Collection Systems

More Info (.pdf) plus suplemental Questionnaire Attached


Sacramento Regional Transit-Facilities Maintenance Mechanic

More Infor (.pdf) Application & Supplemental Questionnaire

Sacramento Regional Transit - Light Rail Vehicle Techn.

Applicants can apply via mail, fax (916-457-7194)  or in person to:

Sacramento Regional Transit District

Human Resources Department 

2810 O Street, Sacramento, CA  95816 

More Info (.pdf)  More Info (.pdf) Supplemental Questionnaire

Sacramento Regional Transit Bus/Light Rail Operator

More Information (.pdf)
Supplemental Questionnaire (.pdf)

Whistlestop Systems Lead

More Information (.pdf)

Crescent City General Manager

More Information (.pdf)

San Diego Metro Manager of Paratransit

More Information (.pdf)

San Diego Metro Transit Operations Specialist

More Information (.pdf)

City of Modesto Transit Bus Refurbishment RFP

More Info (.doc)
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