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Autumn 2012 Presentations


Autumn 2012 Conference Presentations

Tuesday, September 18
Procurement Program*
*(per instructors request Powerpoints will not be made available)
Reasonable Modification
Coping with Reasonable Modification (.pdf) Joyce
The Benefits of Centralized Call Centers
- Cost Savings from Call Centers in Chicago: Nelson\Nygaard - Nelson (.pdf)
- Paratransit Centralized Call Centers: LAVTA-Matsuoka (.pdf)
Panel: Alternative Approaches to ADA Eligibility (.pdf)/
Community Services: Solutions for Reducing ADA Costs
ADA and Mobility Management
- Tom Hicks (.pdf)
- Kenneth Thompson (.pdf)
Wednesday, September 19
MAP 21 - What is in it for Transit?
ADA Regulations Changes (.pdf)
Using Social Media Effectively
Social Media for the Transportation Professional: Bogren (.pdf)
- Using Social Media Effectively: Morrow (.pdf)
Drug and Alcohol Program Plans
Mobility Training Programs
- Travel Instructions Activities & Outcomes: Renfro, Pierce Transit (.pdf)
- Independence through Independent Travel: Werly, Riverside TA (.pdf)
Drug and Alcohol Training
Designing Effective Routes
Origin to Destination
- Cypa (.pdf)
Complying with Title VI and Environmental Justice Regulations
Drug and Alchohol Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training
Roundtable Discussion: Coping with the Elimination of the Common Wheelchair Definition
Handouts by Doug Cross,  The End of the Common Wheelchair.(pdf)
Policy Topics Regarding Wheelchairs provided by Doug Cross. (pdf)
Types of Mobility Aids & Devices Handout.(pdf)
Thursday, September 20
Coordinating Services for Veterans and Military Members
- Veteran's Transportation Services: Chavelier (.pdf)
- Easter Seals Military & Veterans Initiatives - Thompson (.pdf)
Project Management (.pdf) B. Hull
Complying with State and Federal Grants
- Codey & Lange (.pdf)
ADA Policy Guidelines
-ADA Policy Handouts by Doug Cross & Dave Cyra.(pdf)
-Policy Topics Regarding Wheelchairs by Doug Cross (.pdf)
How to Integrate Bicycle Sharing Programs in Operations
- Public Bikesharing in No. America: Shaheen (.pdf)
Stress Management: Adding a Little Zen to Your Work Life
Strategies for Survival: Managing Your Stress (.pdf)
Financial Management (.pdf) Salazar
Volunteer Driver Programs
Time Management (.pdf) C. Eyal
Dealing with the Negative Nellie's in Your Organization
Friday, September 21
Overview of State and Federal Programs
Utilizing Your Safety & Security Grants
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