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Transit Toolbox

The CALACT Toolbox contains sample documents pertaining to passenger transportation operations, planning and funding. The sample documents have been contributed by members or obtained from other organizations through voluntary networking. They are neither approved nor endorsed by CALACT or their contributor; and ANY AND ALL LIABILITY AND RISK ARISING FROM THE USE OF THE DOCUMENTS FALLS UPON THE USER, AND IS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED BY CALACT, ITS MEMBERS AND CONTRIBUTORS. You are encouraged to use the sample documents only for informational, educational and example purposes, and to retain qualified legal counsel to draft or review any significant legal document to insure its effectiveness for your purpose.

  • Driver Simulation Review Report (pdf 381k)
    Simulation is a field that has been around for a long time and is growing each day. It has a strong background in flight and military training by offering hands-on training experiences without the multiple costs of training in an actual vehicle. The interest in driver training simulation is spreading, but is primarily focused on large vehicles such as over-the-road transport trucks and buses. There are not many simulation options for the rural driver who operates 15-passenger vans and cutaways. This report will summarize these options currently available.
  • PennSCORE Operator Training Manual (pdf 1.6 Mb)
    The manual is designed to be used by transit systems in PA for training new bus operators but can be used in many different transit environments. Information specific to a particular system, such as route descriptions, needs to be added in the appropriate sections.
  • Guide for Acquiring Demand Responsive Transit Software and Technology (pdf 249 k)
    This brief guide is designed as an aid for systems that are in the market for new DRT software. The contents of this guide are based on two previous reports about acquiring DRT software and the experience gained at a one and a half-day software Expo held in Camp Hill, the spring of 2001, sponsored by the Mid Atlantic RTAP.1 The main purpose of the guide is to provide a blueprint for those individuals considering the purchase of new DRT software.
  • Common Transportation Terms (Caltrans link)
    A comprehensive list of terms used in the transportation industry. (Will open a new browser page linked to Caltrans' website.)
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